A Husband and Wife Candle Making Company!

Hand Crafted with Original Designs we have combined our love of horror movies and scented candles into our very own small business!

The combination of design and scents lead us to think about horror and candle making in a different way...
We wondered what Dr Frankenstein's lab may smell like, before he mucked it up with rotted flesh...what it must be like to stand next to Dracula, and if his scent is as seductive as his over all presence...and if the Mummy were to really pursue a supposed long lost love, would he freshen up a bit before doing so?

We have had an endless array of ideas in the works that will eventually make there way to the public soon, so check back regularly for new listings!

In all, it's been fun for us and we hope that with our designs and scents that all those who purchase from us feel the same excitement we did when creating them!